Not infrequently, the fashion world has borrowed ideas, insights and values from the world of Art. And vice versa. On the other hand, it is the case of neighboring bordering territories that never cease to influence each other. It is precisely for this reason that exactly where you are able to skillfully blend this mix, the most rewarding and satisfying results come out.

That must be why being born and living in Florence is not easy: it is a privilege and, at the same time, a commitment. Not to all, in fact, is given the honor of experiencing such an atmosphere rich in art, culture and beauty.

It is for this that working in Florence is not so simple: it means to be in tune with the past and looking to the future, to cultivate the memory without losing the thread, trying to take it where the present and the future weave their plots.

Nevertheless, we accepted the challenge more than fifty years ago.

Those were the early sixties, Italy was experiencing a marked economic growth and new ways of living began to appear and knock on the doors of the Italians.

We seized the moment the market was offering us, trying to tie ourselves even more to the territory. For this reason we decided to make our business flourish in a prestigious street that is still the center of life and the economy of Florence: Via de Tornabuoni, and to be precise, in the historic tower built in 1200 by the Guelphs’ Ruggierinie and then passed in 1300 to the known Gianfiliazzi Florentine family, which still bears his name (the Tower of Gianfiliazzi).

Only in recent years our business has changed location without, nevertheless, affecting in any way our philosophy and our know-how: elements that exude and relive in all our creations, until it becomes a real and concrete beam between the past and the present, between the meaning of art, style, creativity and future thinking.