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Florence is widely known as the cradle of the Renaissance and the symbol par excellence of art and culture. But the Tuscan capital is not only this. In fact the city in recent decades has also become home to important international fashion brands.

A bond has so developed between art and history which is a real source of pride for Tuscany, as well as for the entire micro world which includes the so-called Made in Italy, a quality brand which has always been synonymous of style, sophistication, elegance and expertise.

A bond that has also given rise to our craft which has its roots in remote times: it was already considered an art in the 13th century.

At that time, the craftsman, who worked leathers, was a member of a real congregation with its laws and regulations. A sort of modern trade union which established the manner and terms of the manufacturing processes: Know-how a little bit picky, precise and thanks to its painstaking attention to details has ensured the success of the Florentines artifacts.

We are extremely proud to belong to this craftsmanship tradition and for this reason becoming ambassadors in the world of such treasure is our commitment. An honor and a privilege that we try to transfer everyday in the choice of materials, in the extreme attention in details, in the sensitivity with which we interpret the market’s tendency.

Since we have conjugated style, class and creativity, now our challenge is to connect these elements with the needs of promotion and international marketing so we can be present where new and equally challenging commitments await for us.